A412 – Thomas Baugh

This family is represented by Thomas Baugh. Thomas has been unable to identify his oldest ancestor’s parents. While researching his family, Thomas participated in a yDNA test for the Baugh family to further his research. Once he received the results, he received a surprise. It appears this line belongs to the Adams Cluster 033.

Thomas’ yDNA most closely matches kit A364 and A 265. There also appears to be some sort of connection to Judy Bruder of A135 to the extent that her line is intermarried in Indiana with someone named Sarah Ann Baugh. Judy Bruder believes  her line’s origin is also in Virginia prior to Indiana.

Thomas Baugh has a public tree on Ancestry here:


Generation 1 – John Baugh (b. 1805 Virginia – d.)

Married Sarah “Sally” A. Williams (per death cert of America Baugh) (b. 1823 – d.)


Federal Census Listings seem to be very solid for the family in Lincoln County Kentucky and most are buried in the McKinney family cemetery located at 419 Greenhill Lane, Eubank, Pulaski County, Kentucky. Lincoln and Pulaski counties border each other. 

David Scifres: On the 1850 census  we find John Baugh (age 45) and Sally (age 27) . On the same page there is a John (age 41) and Sally (age 43) Williams with several children but one named Green Williams – all born in KY. Obviously this can’t be Sally Williams Baugh’s parents. And right next to them is John (45) and Sally (Age 27) Baugh – also listed as both born in KY. Also on the same page is Benjamin Williams (age 52) and wife Nancy (Age 32) and their children – all born in KY. Possibly her parents? 

On the next page of that 1850 census listing is a  William Baugh (age 23) and Polly/Mary Baugh (Age 22) – all born in Kentucky – maybe a brother (or Son) to John Baugh?  On the same page is a Green Williams (age 40) and wife Louisa (age 38) with a child named Sally J and one named Nicy – all from Virginia.  

What would be amazing is to tackle his male children, Thomas, William and Silas and see if there are any male Baugh’s from them alive who can take the test. Then we would know the “issue” is further back. Next best guess would be around the Rev war. 
Here is what I think is happening with Sarah WIlliams Baugh and her age changing. She is listed as being born in 1823 on the 1850 census. So, either she lied on later census making her self younger as she aged (most likely) or, John Baugh married two women named Sarah (which isn’t out of question – there were a LOT of Sarah’s around him). The test I mentioned above would point that out. What if Silas was an Adams and Thomas wasn’t? That would be good to know. 


Lincoln County Marriages. 


This world famalies page above is really interesting because it ties to FamilyTreeDNA kit numbers. IT talks about Thomas Baughs kit not matching. And it says he was supposed to be related to Bartholomeus “Bartle” Bach but there was a “non-paternal event” obviously. Wonder if Henry Baugh (Kit#292044) in Polaski could be a brother? Adam Baugh is very suspicious (Kit #33893).

Generation 2 – John Green Baugh (b. 5 May 1861 – d 23 May 1914.)

Married: Phama Elizabeth “fannie” Aker (b. 18 May 1827- 21 Dec 1966)

  • Cora Ann Baugh (24 Aug 1888 – 21 Sep 1932) Married Walter McKinney
  • Jonathan Minton Baugh (24 Apr 1892 – 23 May 1949)
  • Bright Farrel Baugh (30 Jun 1894 – 13 Aug 1920). Married Clee Corda May. Lincoln, Kentucky.
  • Lorgan R Baugh (1 Oct 1897 – 6 Jul 1978). Married Mattie Evelyn Parker.
  • Virgil Baugh (b. 1902 – 24 Jul 1957) – Wife Susie Baugh


Additional Notes:


ds – I believe it is possible that Henry Baugh may also be an Adams based on FTDNA kit 292044’s results.

  • Henry Baugh (b. 1808, TN; d. 1893, Pulaski Co., KY; d. Delila Ann Cline)
    • Hezekiah Baugh (b. 1829, Pulaski Co., KY; d. 1900, Pulaski Co., KY; m. Amanda Baugh)
      • Joseph S. “Josiah” Baugh (b. 1857, Pulaski Co., KY; d. ca. 1910, Pulaski Co., KY; m. Amanda Jane Young)
        • Everett Nelson Baugh (b. 1879, Lincoln Co., KY; d. 1937, Rapides P., LA; m. Eva Quarles West) (FTDNA 292044)

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