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William Green Adams (1819 – 1880)

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This family is represented by Becky Adams Carson. Becky’s oldest known ancestor is William Green Adams. William Green Adams was born about 1819 in Carroll County, TN.  His date of death is unknown.  He married Elvira Mary Craig 07 Nov 1842 in Gibson Co., TN daughter of William Hall Craig and Polly.  She was born about 1824 in Tennessee or Alabama.  Her death date is also unknown.  Many internet gedcoms show Elvira as daughter of William Craig and Margaret Givens.  This is a family from Kentucky/Indiana.  They had a daughter named Elvira Craig also, but she was living with her husband Joseph Fleming Butler in 1850 and 1870 census in Montgomery, Indiana the same time our Elvira Craig was living with her husband William Green Adams in same years.

Becky has 3 Kits that belong to this line:

  • Kit 218879 – Becky’s Dad – James Edwin Adams – Becky’s Dad (William Green Adams -> John Craig Adams -> Edwin Victor Adams)
  • Kit 265208 – Becky’s Uncle – Robert Stanley Adams (same as above)
  • Kit 338690 –  Joseph Daniel Adams (William Green Adams -> William W Adams -> Alva Daniel Adams )

Generation 1 – William Green Adams

(b. abt. 1819 TN – d. aft. June 1880)

Married: Elvira Mary Craig (b. abt.1825 in AL or TN – d. aft. June 1870) Married 11/07/1842

  1. John Craig Adams (1844 – 1925) Married: Susan Eugene Garrett
  2. William W. Adams (1845 – 1913) Married (A. Mnu, M. Garrett, U. Sparks, S. Fitzgerald)
  3. James M. Adams (1846 – ?)
  4. Thomas Newton S. Adams (1849 – ?)
  5. Charles G. Adams (1852 – ?) Married Ada B. Adams {maiden name}
  6. Jane G. Adams (abt. 1856)
  7. Frederick Adrian Adams (1857 – 1916)
  8.  ?

This is the transcript of the letter I mentioned previously.    The letter written by James Taylor Adams of Trammel, Virginia in 1925 to my cousin Mary Jo Adams and the info she sent him.  James was a noted Adams researcher at the time but not related to us.  The letter was addressed to Miss Mary Jo Adams, Toledo, Ohio date 5 Dec 1925.

From Family Findings Vol XIII Number 4, October 1981, PP27-28

Adams Family Data contributed by Charles D. Fonville, Humboldt, TN.

The following paragraph is from the letter.

 “Since writing you last I have been searching records in the two Carolinas and I find that David Adams and Zach Adams were in the 10th NC Regiment, Abraham Shipard, Colonel.  They were serving under Captain Lytle.  Pvt Zach Adams enlisted in 1782 and David June 6, 1781; discharged May 2, 1782.

 I believe that Zach. Adams was your great great grandfather.  I could be wrong in this as there were many Adamses in the regiment with David, but none in Lytle’s company.  Both David and Zach had died or left the state prior to 1790.”

Note of Becky Carson: The family of Zach Adams has tested in Y Chromosome DNA study and his descendants do not match our family.

(The following is the enclosure found with the the letter from James Adams.) It is the story Mary Jo Adams wrote down when she interviewed John Craig Adams her uncle and my 2nd gr grandfather.

“Great-great grandfather Adams, whose name I do not know, came from Ireland with his brother David.  They both fought in the Revolutionary War, and after the war great-great Grandfather died in North Carolina.  His son, Great-Grandfather John Adams married and came to Carroll County, Tennessee.  He fought in the War of 1812, and was in the battle of New Orleans.  His Grandson William Green Adams was born in Carroll County, Tennessee, married Elvira Craig, daughter of William Hall Craig and Polly Craig, who lived in Madison County, Tennessee.  It seems that the Craig ancestry has been traced back to Scotland.  I think their old home was called Craig or Craigee Castle.  (I don’t know where I got that last spelling, but I think Uncle John suggested it.)

 William Green Adams was a wagon master in Cowan’s Brigade during the Civil War and served in that capacity until he was discharged because of old age and necessities of family who had been banished from Missouri for political purposes.  The family lived at Jackson, Cape Girardeau County, MO during the war.  I think the family must have gone to some place near Dyersburg to live with Grandfather Hall, as Uncle John spoke of going to Dyersburg after his discharge from the army and inquiring where Squire William Hall lived, and said the family were so happy to see him for they heard just a few days before that he was dead.  John C. Adams, son of William Green Adams, was born in Shelby County, Tennessee in 1843.  He was a confederate soldier, Company B 24 Missouri Cavalry.  He was not then 18 years old.  He served in the Missouri State Guard from the 14th of May 1861 to 29th of December of the same year.  Was called out by Governor Jackson to enforce neutrality of the State.  On the 1st of January 1862 joined the regular army of the confederacy for three years, or during the War, at New Madrid, MO and was sent to Camp Johnson, MO.  He thinks (the) first battle he was in was at Frederickstown, MO.  Fought Polk’s army from Saxon, MO to New Madrid, continuously, March 1862.  He was with Jeff Thompson.  Then they moved to Kemholcombs Island, below Broomfield, MO., then were attached to John A. Marmaduke’s Brigade.  Went on a raid through southeast Missouri and fought the Yankees about 6 or 7 weeks.  Crossed the St. Francis River at Chalkbluff.  Clothed themselves and furnished own army equipment.  Sometimes were without food while others had plenty.  Was in the hospital one night with small-pox, but next day they wanted him to haul corn, but he refused and went back to camp.  Was in prison part of one night at Jackson, Missouri.  The Jailor told the Sheriff he supposed they got out through the keyhole.  Was also in prison at Little Rock for about five weeks, but was exchanged there.  Was discharge at Shreveport, LA, June 7, 1865.  John C. Adams was married on June 7, 1866 to Susan Eugene Garrett.  That fall he made a kiln of brick.  In February 1867 he moved to Shelby County where he made a crop.  They then moved to Fayette County and helped his father build a Cumberland Church.  They then moved to Virginia in September and engaged in the saw mill business.  In May 1869 the family moved back to Tennessee and located near Friendship where he worked on the farm some and at the brick trade in the fall.  In January 1871 they moved to a farm in Gibson County, near Yorkville, and farmed there until December 1876 when they moved to Yorkville.  The latter part of 1876 they bought a farm near Yorkville and lived there till 1888 when he was elected to the Legislature from Gibson County.  He served two terms, on under Bob Taylor and the other under P. Turney.  He returned to Humboldt and followed his trade.  He was elected City Tax collector and served in that capacity ten years.  He also served as secretary of the Light and Water Plant and Director of the Cotton Mills.”

Generation 2 – John Craig Adams

(b. 10 Aug 1844 Shelby Co. TN – d. 10 Jan 1925 Humboldt, Gibson Co. TN

Married: Susan Eugene Garrett (b. 27 Jul 1839 Madison Co. TN – d. 17 Feb 1927 Humboldt, Gibson Co. TN Married 6/07/1866

  1. Effie M. Adams (? – ?)
  2. Edwin Victor Adams (1869 – 1957)
  3. William N. Adams (? – ?)
  4. Robert Adams (? – ?)
  5.  Aeolian Eula Adams (? – ?)
  6. ?
  7. ?
  8. ?

Generation 3 – Edwin Victor Adams

(b. 18 Mar 1869 Cannon Co. TN – d. 17 Nov 1957 Toledo, Lucas Co. OH

Married: Nancy Tennessee Hays (b. 24 Dec 1873 Humboldt, Gibson Co. TN – d. 23 Oct 1954 St. Louis, St. Louis Co. MO

  1. J.C. Adams (b. Jul 15, 1905 Osage, Coryell Co. TX – d. Aug 29,1967 Los Angeles, CA) Married Mary Corrine Royster

Generation 4 – J.C. Adams

(b. 15 Jul 1905 Osage, Coryell, TX – d. 29 Aug 1967 Los Angeles, CA)

Married: Mary Corrine Royster (b. Royster (b. 31 Jan 1903 Poole, Webster Co. KY – d. 2 Jul 1987 Toledo, Lucas Co. OH) Married 06/10/1922

  1. James Edwin Adams (b. Toledo, OH)






From Becky to David 3/1/2013
I also have a John Adams in Cumberland county who married Margaret Pomeroy. She was born about 1779 in Pennsylvania. Margaret Pomeroy would be my 5th great aunt. She is listed in her father’s will as the wife of John Adams but I haven’t found them anywhere else. Some of her siblings moved to Kentucky around 1800. So if you find a Margaret married to John Adams, I’d appreciate info. I have a hunch both John and Margaret are relatives to me.

Thomas George Pomeroy/Pumroy born in Chester Co, PA and died in 1803 in Lurgan, Franklin County, PA. He was the father of Margaret Pomeroy who married John Adams, Francis Pumroy who was born 1774 in Cumberland County, PA (my 5th gr grandfather) who died in 1833 in Jefferson Co., Kentucky, and Isaac Pomeroy born in Roxbury, Franklin Co, PA. Isaac married Elizabeth Clayton (daughter of David Clayton my 5th gr grandfather who was born in Cumberland Co in 1755. Priscilla Pomeroy daughter of Frances (5th gr grandfather) married Moses Greer. The part of Cumberland County my Clayton’s were living in became Mifflin Co. These people all ended up in Shelby, Jefferson and Union Co., Kentucky.

Pomeroy’s in Franklin not Cumberland County. Brain must be muddled. Here is will mentioning John Adams.

Thomas Pumroy, yeoman, of Lurgan Township, Franklin County, PA; dated 26 July 1803; proved 9 September 1803. Wife Mary, as much household furniture as she may really stand in need of and a comfortable maintenance of the lands; son Charles, all my lands on which dwelling house and barn are built, joining John Pumroy, John Wright and Henry Reabuck; also a tract of land situate in Amberson Valley, Fannett Township, joining lands of John Walker, Samuel Perry Esq., James Louther, James Kerr and the Kettatenny Mountain, he to enjoy the full benefits until youngest son James is 21 years old, which will be in February 1810; son James to live with his brother Charles free of all charges and be furnished with apparel, both wearing and fine, befitting a youth of his station; son Isaac, 50 pounds; daughter Margaret Adams, intermarried with John Adams, $80.00; daughter Elizabeth Pumroy, land in Rosbury, bounded by William Giseman; eldest son John, the land I conveyed to him; son Francis of Kentucky, 50 pounds; daughter Mary, married to John Caldwell of Kentucky, 75 pounds; son George of Kentucky, 50 pounds; son Joseph of Kentucky, 25 pounds; grandson Thomas Pumroy, son of the above named John, 50 pounds.

Executors: trusty friends John McClay, Jr. (commonly known by name “Mountain John McClay”), Joseph McKinney and James Strain, all of Lurgan Township.

Witnesses: James Alworth and John Wright.

(Source: Franklin County, PA Wills; Book B, page 174)

On Jan 26, 2013, at 10:14 AM, “Becky Carson”:


The processing of DNA matches for my uncle Bob Adams at has begun. He has some matches that may be clues for our branch of the Adams family. He has a match with a descendant of George Washington Adams of Dyer County, Tennessee. My 2nd gr grandfather John Adams was a neighbor of his in the 1870 census. George is supposed to be a descendant of William Adams and Nancy Ann Frazier married 28 Feb 1797 in Knox County, Tennessee. She may have died in Greene County, Tennessee. He also has a match with a descendant of Thomas Frazier of Scotland who had a daughter Nancy Frazier. Many of his Frazier descendants lived in Gibson County, Tennessee where my oldest verified ancestor William Green Adams got married in 1842. Much needs to be done here but I wanted to update you on these new and intriguing clues. It rather looks like George W. Adams could have been William Green Adams’ uncle. William G. Adams’ father thought to be John. Nancy Frazier was supposed to be born about 1777 in Guilford, North Carolina. I’ve contacted both matches and am awaiting responses.

Could William Adams and Nancy Frazier be common ancestors with Gerry?



From Becky Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 10:00 AM
To: David Scifres, John Hoffman, Becky Darrell, Gerard Adams, Timothy Adams


I’m adding Susan Hoffman to this email because she is a Montgomery and Craig family descendant. Becky is also part of our Tennessee cousins. I need their opinion of who Rebecca Craig might be. I’ve been working on the William Green Adams and Elvira Craig family. The number of Adams surnamed people married into the family of William W. Craig and Esther Montgomery has held me to my theories.

I haven’t been in touch for awhile. I believe my brick wall is crumbling for the Adams family. It took the Craig family to find the link. The analysis I am writing up is getting lengthy but I wanted to touch base to let you know what is going on. I am convinced my immigrant ancestor is Thomas Adams, Sr. born about 1761 in Ireland. He lived in Maury County, Tennessee when 1820 Census was enumerated. In addition, I believe Thomas Adams, James Craig, and William Adams who signed the 1810 Elk River Intruders Petition (Simms’ Settlement) Oct 1, 1810 was this family and Thomas Adams was enumerated in 1820 in Maury County, Tennessee later removed to Carroll County, TN where he probably died between 1840 and 1850.

In the 1820 Census for Maury County William Addams, John Addams and Thomas Addams all enumerated together in the column. It looks like a father and grown sons.

William Adams and Rebecca Craig married 11 Sept 1811 in Maury County, Tennessee. The bondsman was George Agnew. I’ve found a George Agnew received a veteran’s pension from Revolutionary War. Who claimed to be in Virginia, then Tennessee for awhile before moving to Mississippi. I’ve not had time to run him down yet.

On the same page in 1820 Maury County census James Craige listed. James Craige’s birth range is 1776-1794. I’m not sure who this James Craige is but he is living very close to the Adams cluster. I think Rebecca Craig Adams is living with William Adams close by. Rebecca’s year of birth is estimated to be about 1794 or 1795 based on putting the age range of 1820 and 1830 census together. James Craige birth year range was 1776-1794 in 1820. I strongly suspect he is a relative of Rebecca Craig Adams. In 1820 Maury Co. Census it looks like a younger man and wife with two children under ten. He appears to be too young to be the James Craig who died in 1828 in Carroll County and is buried in Furgerson Cemetery.

Thomas, William and John Addams are also enumerated in Maury County in 1820. They appear together on the same page. William Addams and John Addams of Maury County fall in the same age range as Thomas Adams Junior in 1830 census in Carroll County. There was an adult male in the household of Thomas Addams born in the age range of 1776-1794. Thomas the head of household was in the 45 and older bracket which made his birth 1775 or before. I believe the Thomas Adams Junior enumerated in 1830 census in Carroll County is likely living in Maury County in 1820 with Thomas Adams who was older than 45. There is a possibility Thomas Adams who was older than 45 in the 1820 Maury County Census was the father of Thomas Jr., William, and John Addams. I believe they may have moved in a group to Carroll County by 1830. The age ranges for five of the known household members match in both the 1820 and 1830 censuses. William Adams was probably in Carroll County by 1822.

The 1830 census of Carroll County enumerated Thomas Adams Sr., Thomas Adams, Jr, John Adams. William seems to be in Obion County in 1830 however he showed up several times in Carroll County court records. He was appointed a ranger in 1822 and was called as a juror in 1823. William Adams was in Carroll County very early.

It’s a long story. There are a number of marriage bonds signed by William W. Craig or William Hall Craig for Adams family members. I think all of these Adams heads of household in 1820 and 1830 census are dead before 1850 census. I haven’t found a single will yet. I think only Thomas Adams Jr. survived past 1850. The only evidence of place of birth for any of them is Thomas Jr. who claimed Tennessee in 1850 census. Our oral history points to North Carolina and our DNA history points to Pennsylvania. Find A Grave Memorial# 90531900 appears to be the burial of Thomas Adams Jr. of Carroll County, Tennessee. He apparently died in Arkansas. His wife Lousia is linked to him and buried in Adams cemetery in Carroll County. Some of the Adams graves in McLemoresville Cemetery belong to John Adams not the one I’ve been discussing. I have lots on him and can share. His family is from South Carolina. Not saying he isn’t ours but it doesn’t look like immediate family at this point. They are connected to James Adams of Pendleton County, SC who moved to Georgia. He served in the Rev War. He had early land warrant he sold to a possible family member Samuel Woods from Pendelton. John is interesting and in the realm of possibilities. I’m still writing up what I have on them. His will basically shows we are not closely related.

I’ve been working on the info and will get it to you in a day or two. I have a spreadsheet of facts by year. It will save you a lot of searching for maybe the same things. Let me know who wants spreadsheet.

Gerald, is Thomas Adams Sr. a possible common ancestor for us?

Happy new year,

Becky Adams Carson

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