Family A124

Daniel Adams (1740-1814)

This family is represented by Stephen Adams and Steve’s oldest know ancestors are Daniel Adams and his (first son) William Adams. Daniel Adams originated in VA and migrated to KY. Daniel’s son William originated in TN and ended up in KY. Future generations migrated to TX, MO, and CA.

Data taken from personal family file: Adams, Bateman, Hunsaker, Thompson, Venable, Young on (you must be a member to access file).

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Generation 1 – Daniel Adams (b. 1740 Fauquier, VA – d. 1814 Pulaski, KY)

Married: Hannah ? (b. ? – d. 1815 KY)

  1. William Adams (abt. 1780 TN – 1821 KY) Married: Elizabeth Thompson

Generation 2 – William Adams (b. abt. 1780 TN – d. 1821 Rockcastle, KY)

Married: Elizabeth Thompson (b. ? – d. abt. 1823 Rockcastle, KY)

  1. William Adams (1821 KY – abt. 1889 IN)

Generation 3 – William Adams (b. 1821 KY – d. abt. 1889 IN)

Married: Unknown

  1. Benjamin N. Adams (b. abt. 1850 KY) Married: Rebecca B.?

Generation 4 – Benjamin N. Adams (b. abt. 1850 KY)

Married: Rebecca B.? (b. 1859 MO)

  1. Steven Ross Adams (b. 12 Sep 1880 TX – d. 1918) Married: Esther Bateman

Generation 5 – Steven Ross Adams (b. 12 Sep 1880 – d. 1918)

Married: Esther Bateman (b. abt.1884 TX)

  1. Hilma Adams (b. 1895 MO)
  2. Alvin Benjamin Adams (b. 27 May 1914 El Paso, TX – d. 18 Oct 1996 CA) Married: Ella Mae Venable

Generation 6 – Alvin Benjamin Adams (b. May 1914 El Paso, TX – d. 18 Oct 1971 CA)

Married: Ella Mae Venable (b. 27 May 1914 Bonham, Fannin,TX – d. 18 Oct 1996 San Rafael, CA)

  1. Carole Faye Adams (b. Feb 1936 – d. 16 May 1994
  2. Mary Sue Adams (b. 5 Mar 1942 Modesto, Stanislaus, CA – d. Dec 1945 Modesto, CA
  3. Stephen Robert Adams (b. 31 Dec 1945, CA) Married: Sharon Hunsaker



Notes from David Scifres added 12/18/2012

Will of Daniel Adams (1740-1814) Pulaski Kentucky

Contributed by Valerie J. Davis, Mar 2001from LDS Film 0598753: Pulaski County (Kentucky) Wills 1801-1838; filmed in 1969. Original records held in the County Clerk’s Office

The Will of Daniel Adams1814, Pulaski County, Kentucky Will Book 1, pp 132-133 Adams, Daniel’s Will Pulaski St of Kentucky I Daniel Adams being Very sick and low in body tho in Perfect mind do Constitute and make this my Last Will and Testament. I first bequeath my soul to God who first gave it me and my body to be buried in a Christian Like manner and as for my worldly Estate it is my Will that my wife Hannah Adams shall have $100. In Cash and have the Negro woman Hannah, as long as she lives and the Plantation and the Vegatables and four sheep also the Grey Horse and Sorrel mare for her Own use and her part of the Insuing Crop Also the Negro Woman at her death to be sold and the money Equally divided among the Heirs also one Hundred and fifty Dollars in the hands of Asa W. Kinzey, and some notes to be divided among and all the Ballance of the property that I have not left to the use of my wife to be sold and equally divided among the heirs and it is my will that my wife Injoy the Plantation and farming tools and household furneture two Cows and as many hogs as will be sufficient for her support during her Natural life and then to be sold and equally divided among the heirs also it is my Will that fifty Dollars out of Silvester Adams part go to the heirs of Ephraim Adams deceased, and also it is my Will that Ralph Williams, John Preston, and Joseph Thompson Shall be my Executors Sign’d Seal Febuary 15th 1814. Daniel Adams B. Williams Elizabeth C_th__ing Elijah Barnes ExaminedAt a County Court held for Pulaski County at the Courthouse thereof in Somerset On Monday the 28th day of Febuary 1814 This will was proven to be the last Will & testament of Daniel Adams Deceased by the Oath of Bailes Williams & Elijah Barns Witnesses thereto and Ordered to be Recorded and the same is done Accordingly.Teste Will Fox

 There is a

Information on William Adams (1780-1821) in Rockcastle Kentucky.

The following information was pulled from this tree –|pgNum

WILLIAM ADAMS[1] Daniel and Hannah’s son William was born in Tennessee around 1780. He moved from Eastern Tennessee to Pulaski County, Kentucky. Around 1815 they had moved to Bee Lick, six miles west of Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle Co., and had 200 acres of land1 . On May 29, 1800, in Rockcastle Co., William married Elizabeth Thompson (see Thompson family)[2] . According to Henry Adams she was about the same age as him. William is not listed in the 1810 census. However, they are listed in the 1820 census. In 1820 a William Adams was exempted from taxes due to his age and imbecility (senility). At the early age of 40, can this be our William? According to Henry Adams his grandparents died between 1819 and 1822 in Rockcastle Co., Kentucky. Their youngest child could not have been born earlier than early 1822. So he could have died shortly before the birth and her shortly after that. I wonder who raised the children? By virtue of the Adams and Thompson family inter-marriages I would guess that uncles and aunts all pitched in. The Rockcastle Co. courthouse unfortunately burned, which destroyed many early records that would have helped more in researching this family. William and Elizabeth’s children (this list of children was provided by Daniel Adams to his daughter Irene Griffith in the late 1890’s):

1. Absalom was born in 1803 in Kentucky, he married October 11, 1824, Cynthia Evans2 , they moved in 1842 to escape delinquent taxes, to Stewardville, De Kalb Co., Missouri, he died May 12, 1861, had issue- Cyrenus, James, George, William, Margaret md. John Brooks (Henry), Rachel.

2. Noah was born around 1805 in Kentucky, he lived near Burksville, Cumberland Co., Kentucky, and he was still there as of 1863.

3. Nancy is unaccounted for

4. Sarah “Sallie” was born in 1805, she married William Cummins, he worked as a blacksmith in Rockcastle, she died in 1860, had issue- Clary B. md. George Logan deBoard, Stephen, Syntha, George, Mary F., William md. Nancy Sowder, Absalum md. Mary Francis Brown[3] .

5. John Quincy married January 19, 1826, Phoebe Preston2 , they moved to Columbus, Bartholomew Co., Indiana, where he died in 1843, had issue- Matthew md. Serrena Sutherlin, William Washington md. Sarah Kincaid[4] , Ephraim C. md. Serelda Youngman, George Tyler md. Phoebe Preston & Clementine Mershon.

6. Daniel, see below.

7. Phoebe was born around 1810 in Kentucky; she married John Cummins who like his brother William (above) worked as blacksmith in Rockcastle, had issue- Stephen, Mary, Elizabeth, William md. Nancy Elder, Flemingtine md. Emeline Thompson[5] , Claricey, Cyntha Margaret md. James Logan Brown, John F., Delilai .

8. Anderson Johnson was born March 4, 1811, in Kentucky, he married January 29, 1843[6] , Violet “Polly” Gilstrap[7] , they lived in Rockcastle, he died December 20, 1854, Violet md. second Mr. Wray, she died in 1896, had issue- Mary md. Ben Lawrence, Elizabeth md. John Gilstrap, Richard md. Sara Lankford, Johnson md. Tenny Albert Buzzard & Nell Gates, Sarah md. Jesse Gilstrap

9. Thomas was born in 1813 in Kentucky, he lived in Rockcastle, and he was killed on August 22, 1856, by a falling tree.

10. Squire died in 1840 of yellow fever on a Mississippi River flatboat, while on his way to New Orleans.

11. Jenny married George Terra or Tena, they moved to Darkville in south-eastern Iowa between 1845 and 1850.

12. William was born January 1, 1821 in Kentucky, he married his cousin Nancy Brown, around 1862 they moved to Salem Co., Indiana, where he died October 5, 1882, she died January 31, 1902, had issue-

  • John md. his cousin Zerilda Adams,
  • James md. Mary C. Boling, Absalom,
  • Jane md. her cousin Montgomery,
  • Marion,
  • William,
  • Logan,
  • Nancy,
  • Cyrus.

13. Elizabeth “Bettie” married a Mr. Hicks and resided possibly in Illinois or Knobnoster, Johnson Co., Missouri, had issue- Jasper (there is a David Hicks who married an Elizabeth born around this time, who in the 1860 Blount, Vermilion Co., Illinois census had a son named Jas. M., another son Samuel md. Eliza) ———————————————————————— ——–[1] S. Adams : We have an old letter from Henry S. Adams written 1n 1922 when he was 87. He tells of his ancestors at Jamestown, Virginia and they came from Virginia to Tennessee to Kentucky. He mentions his grandfather William Adams and grandmother Elizabeth Thompson. They first went to Pulaski County Kentucky and then to Rockcastle Co., Ky. Their home was a 200 acre farm 6 miles west of Mt. Vernon, Ky. William Adams was a Whig and Henry S. Adams says he thinks he was a Revolutionary Soldier. He says he always had drills even in Daniels time evidently a hangover from war times. William Adams had a brother, Sylvester. He went from Kentucky to visit his Indiana relatives in 1841 on horseback 300 miles. Sylvester was at this time 103 years old and lived 4 years after his visit.William And Sylvester had a brother Nathaniel who lived to be very old.1 [2]Pulaski Co. marriage records[3] 1850 Rockcastle census[4] Arliene Adams FGS[5] Thelma Cummins Gamble[6][7] id=I4312Patricia Jane Stuff family Tree

An investigation of Daniel Adams (1740-1814) brothers Sylvester and Nathaniel would be interesting. Is it possible Daniel may have also had a son named Daniel who married Hannah Cummins? I’d also chase down Zac and Robert Adams in the 1800 census – they too could be related to this family.

No Benjamin is listed in Family 12 above? That is a bummer. Doesn’t mean this is a dead end though.

William Adams Married Elizabeth Thompson – 29 May 1800 – Pulaski County


Email from David to Steve on 8/18/2012

Steven, you may have seen this before but there is a Benjamin Adams born in Rock castle 1852 with a father named William Adams. May not be related to your line but  I noticed Rockcastle in your tree.

1860 census – mother is dead probably with the last child birth 5 months prior to the census.

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