Adams Y-DNA Project Information

The Adams Y-DNA Study was started in 2002 by John Walden as a way of taking known Presidential line Adams Y-DNA and comparing it to other direct male individuals with the surname Adams. By doing so, those tested can determine their likelihood of being related to the Presidential Adams line.

While when this study began the primary goal was to determine genetic relationships to the Adams Presidential line, perhaps the more significant achievement has been the creation of a database of tested individuals and hundreds of known Adams family clusters. At this point thousands of Adams have been tested and have been broken down in to hundreds of Adams family clusters who are very closely related. This is very useful for genealogist doing Adams family research particularly as you move further back in time and the paper trail disappears.

And, if you have the last name Adams, you have most likely been told you are related to the Presidential line. Most Adams spend their genealogical research time trying to prove this connection and it is true for less than 1% of those with the surname Adams. By participating in this study you can learn if you are related or not and in most cases you can stop trying to make a connection to Braintree Massachusetts and Henry Adams (just keeping it real here people, we are all guilty of this).

Many Adams who participate in the study find a family cluster to which they belong and this is very insightful in determining where your Adams line may have originated and will yield many clues for further research. is dedicated to a SPECIFIC Adams family cluster as is identified in the Adams Y-DNA database – Adams Family Cluster 033 and contains 14 know and tested families as of May 2017.

For information on participating in and reading information regarding the larger ‘Surname Adams Y-DNA Project’ which contains hundreds of Adams family clusters and thousands of individual test results go to the links below.


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